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Today's world moves fast,
move faster with AI

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Hey, I'm Lucas

I'm the person behind AI Daddy. Most people don't know how to use artificial intelligence safely, much less to its full potential. That's where I come in. 


I've tested over 600 AI tools and helped dozens of teams safely implement AI policy, training, and scale with AI. And I'm here to teach you how you can do the same.

The 3 Ways We Can Help You

1. AI Resources

Get access to amazing resources to jump-start your AI journey.

2. AI Trainings

Learn from our courses and have us train your team on the use of complex AI.

3. Integrate AI

Seamlessly Integrate AI into your workflows to improve your team's capabilities.

Making AI
Less Artificial,

We're passionate about AI, so we understand the challenges, the jargon, and feeling overwhelmed. We understand you.


With AI Daddy, you're joining a supportive community that learns, laughs, and leaps into the future together.

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