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Our Why

We are here to place people at the forefront of AI innovation.

Teaching how to safely leverage new technology to achieve a better life.

Our Super Human Cause

We imagine a world in which the majority of people wake up and use AI to reclaim their freedom, express their creativity, and end the day fulfilled by their work.


We believe the future is AI, and rather than it being a threat, AI is the key to unlocking our greatest potential.


Welcome to the Super Human Age.

Our Non-Negotiable Values

People First - Love and have fun. Everyone is included.

Integrity - We are honest, responsible, and accountable.

Leverage - Humans and machines are better together.

Curiosity - We love learning and always try new things.

Generosity - We give first and more than we receive.

What We Do

Lucas started AI Daddy as a way to share Artificial Intelligence with as many people as possible. Today, it is a platform to teach and help advance our Super Human Cause around the world.

How we do it:

Want help leveraging AI in your business?

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